Business Goal

iHeartRadio needs to grow subscription base to 1MM users by the end of 2018. We aspire to deliver a listening experience our users will love with the least amount of friction.

Problem Statement

Current first month cancellation rates are 60% and 50% for Android and iOS respectively.  How might we reduce the first month cancellation rate for subscribers to 50% and 40% respectively?

Product Goals

After payment failure, only 8% of users resubscribed.

Reduce the 50% of the users who churn after the first month do so because of a failed payment.

  • 36.7% of these 50% have an involuntary fail and go to free

  • 16.2% of these 50% have an involuntarily fail and uninstall

  • Launch Google Account Hold

    • Restrict access to OD functionality while giving the user opportunity to fix payment issues

  • Improve messaging to get the users more actively updating their payment method.


Lead UXUI Design




Agile, 2 Week Sprints


  1. Identify current userflow.
    • Map out current userflow to best understand the current experience.
  2. Identify current causes of the account hold.
    • Users pay with Gift card.
      • Gift card reaches insufficient funding, causing failed payments.
    • Users pay with credit card.
      • Credit card expires while on trial, causing failed payments.
    • Other use cases.
  3. Design improved experience.
    • Create new userflow.
    • Design messaging.
  4. Deliver new user flow and messaging.


Difficult to do competitive analysis due to the fact that we needed to set up a failing or failed payment for a subscription.


Current Userflow

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USER Retention Strategies

Below are successful industry user retention methods that I proposed to implement.

  1. In-app messaging
  2. Push notifications
  3. E-mail


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User Interface


To your left, you'll see in-app messaging, push notifications and e-mail mock ups that were released to the public.

Technical Notes

These prompts and e-mail were triggered through Braze/App Boy, so they were developed in HTML and CSS within the Braze/App Boy platform. This was considered a campaign with the use of Braze.

Design Notes

Text Buttons were driven by Material Design guidelines so that it blends in with the Android experience.

Iconography and style were kept simple, informative; establishing an educational modal and e-mail.


14% increase in resubscribe through payment updates.